Laker Nation

I never used to watch basketball and then I met someone at my job and we became close friends and we used to go to the bar/restaurant and watch the laker games. He was a big laker fan and ever since then I got into the game and thought they were excited to watch. The only basketball game I have ever been to was a Clipper game and only because it was cheap back then. It was cheap because at that time the clippers were not a good team like they are now. My favorite team became the lakers not only becuase my friend liked them but because I was born and raised in the los angeles area and I like to root for my hometown and I also liked to watch Derek Fisher. Over the years that I have been watching the lakers I started to like Kobe Bryant and I have a Shaq jersey but I do not wear it anymore. I don’t wear it anymore because he left the lakers. Even though the lakers are having a hard time this season I am so happy that they made it to the playoffs. Let’s go lakers. Time to win it for Dr. Buss.


8 comments on “Laker Nation

  1. I have been a laker fan since before I can remember. The 90s dream team is who I watched. Shaq, Kobe, Fisher, Horry, And Fox were my boys back in the day. They were unbeatable, three championships in a row. Whoo eehh. I still remember sitiing at the edge of my seat for all the play off games as well as the regular ones.

    Robery Horry was my least favorite laker at the same time as being my favorite at times. He would miss his shots all night long and maybe make one or two during the game. But when the final buzzer was about to go you knew that Horry was going to sink it. Without fail he almost always did. Dude worked well under pressure and thats when it counts.

  2. Lakers all day!! I am a huge Fan of the Lakers and their bad season makes me feel like more of a fan since all the band wagoners are leaving. I was shocked this season to think that we would have preformed so poorly despite having an allstar starting line up. Also Kobe’s injury was heart wrenching i seriously felt depressed that day when i found out that he would be out indefinitely for the rest of the season.

    On thing i love about Kobe is his determination to win. No one in the world posses the type of killer instinct that the black mamba has. He gives his everything each game and has some of the best work ethic from any athlete to step foot on the court. All we can do now is look forward to next season and have faith that lakers management can bring fresh young legs and help get another chip for Kobe.

  3. ………Sounds like you were baptized by your friend to be a fan of the best basketball organization, you should thank him. Bust out your Shaq jersey more often. Your story reminds me of my very own story where I made it my OWN to be a Laker Fan…To be a Laker fan feels like a roller coaster ride. My fan base just started a little different than yours, mine came from my fathers cheering, excitement came way back from the late 70’s to 80’s than I took over watched the magic comeback, nick van nixel days, but for me was the playoff game against the BLAZERS! I took a walk around the block I couldn’t watch the beat down so I took a stroll ,down 15 and I thought in my walk looked up in the sky and said, ‘it can’t end like this ,where’s my comeback at? Lakers have to comeback, com’on Laker’s !!..sure enough I hear neighbors screaming out of excitement, I walk faster to my house go inside and I got a very happy father shouting at me there down by 2!! The rest is history. Win or lose always show your laker support, I got all fired up again reading your experience, playoff time Lakers win for JB/KB!

  4. Anytime you want to talk about basketball, we can engage into a long conversation. I love the NBA. The classic match-ups between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics were the best. The Lakers struggled this year, because of injuries, coaching changes and veteran players. For the Lakers to be successful, they must inject youthful players on the team. They need two young fast point guards, a power forward, a dominant center, and two 3 point perimeter shooters. Fast paced transition basketball is the way to play the game these days. Lakers know how to play defense but did not display it in many of the games this year. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As Pro Basketball Talk pointed out in April, Howard can re-sign with the Lakers for one more guaranteed year and $30 million more in guaranteed money than he can sign with other teams. That’s quite a bit to leave on the table if he decided to join the Clippers, or Dallas Mavericks, or Houston Rockets, or Atlanta Hawks or any other rumored team.

  6. Kobe is simply put, amazing. I have never seen another athlete be as “clutch” as he is, when the Lakers need him he comes through, always. When he alone scored 80 points against Toronto on a bad ankle I shook my head asking myself what could he have done healthy. He’s the guy you give the ball to with .5 seconds remaining on the clock, which exactly what you pointed out. I don’t care what anyone says about Lebron James, Kobe Bryant is in my books, only second to Michael Jordan as the greatest Basketball player of all time.

    It is a real shame Kobe tore his Achilles tendon, because the team would have made it much farther in the playoffs although I don’t think they would have won the championship, needing at least another season in my mind to get the chemistry down between Nash, Howard and Bryant. I know when Kobe comes back next season, knowing it could be one of his last seasons (unfortunately), he will show immediately why he’s still the best in the world and will get his 6th ring by this time next year.

  7. When I was younger, I used to always watch the Lakers on television. I remember how there were talks of a repeat and then a three-peat and how they did the three-peat twice and how they did it again but failed to get the four-pear. The riots at the championship games were really strange. Exactly why sports fans go and do things like that is still something I don’t get.

    Today, I have some concerns about Los Angeles and the NBA. For one, Phil Jackson is retired. Jerry Buss is no longer alive, but I don’t think people got to know him that well; I didn’t know he was a scholar until after he had passed. Next, I remember reading some story online about how they want to move the Kings from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Can you imagine if we had three basketball teams in LA? Why don’t they move them to Las Vegas or something? We should have a basketball team for all 50 states if it could work.

  8. What I do not like about the Lakers is that they are too dependent of Kobe. He got injured, and the Lakers could not even win one game against the spurs despite having all those stars such as Dwight Howard.
    Kobe is definitely the best basketball player of all time after Michael Jordan. What he does on the court is simply amazing. He can make you scream or even cry.

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