I never write anything about myself. I am a very private person. I do like to talk about things however, now that I was promoted to Permanent Supervisor I am very careful about everything that I write online because I want to remain professional. In my line of work we were told to basically not put much online if you do not want people to talk to you about it at work or from a possible employeer.

So a little bit about me I like to go to movies when I have the time. I used to play soccer and softball when I was in elementary school and stopped playing when I started to work which was when I turned 16. I even used to practice Kenpo Karate but stopped when I started to work because I would work on the weekends and I would do homework during the day when I would get home from school. I guess because growing up I was always busy doing something that now that I am older when I am at home doing nothing I have to find something to do because I get bored. Some people play video games or surf the internet. I can only do that for a couple of hours the rest I have to be moving around or talking to somebody face to face or out walking.


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