I love Las Vegas however, I would never live there. The cons to living there is that one can get tired of that lifestyle. It is always too crowded during the holidays and one major factor it is in the desert. When it is hot it is really hot there and when it is cold it is freexzing and when it rains it floods in certain parts of the area. Las Vegas to me is a place you go to have fun and relax and to get away from your everyday routine. If your lucky you can go home with some money. For the most part depending on how you treat vegas you can leave with great memories or some that you wish you could forget. Each time I go I want to learn how to play the craps game. For some reason, though I can never make it to the times that they are giving lessons. I will learn someday but for image

now I will stick to roulette. If you have never been to Las Vegas I recommend that you at least once in your life just to say that you did.


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  1. I have my aunt, uncle, and cousins live in Vegas so my family goes there a lot. They were actually recently talking about moving there. You would think that it gets crowded during the holidays, but in reality, Vegas is one of the quietest and most relaxing places to live. That’s why a lot of people go there after they retire. The only place that’s crowded in Vegas is the strip. But when you drive away from it and go to the neighborhoods, there are practically no cars on the road. It’s so much fun to drive around on the Vegas streets because there’s no traffic and the roads are really wide. But I agree with you about the weather, it is extremely hot/cold there but the people who live there get used to it.

  2. Vegas is awesome. I visit Vegas at least twice a year. I am not a big gambler, so when I go to Vegas I try to do all the fun activities first and if I have any money left I try to gamble the night before I leave. I have been to places in different countries that claim to be like Vegas, but honestly I would say there is no place like Vegas either for partying or any other activity.

  3. Yup, I agree. I have a lot of friends that actually moved out there and they share the same sentiments. It’s fun at first but the scene gets old. Either way I wish I could go out there more often! Vegas… Very Expensive Gambling And Suites.

  4. I also love Las Vegas. To live there, I don’t think I would be able to either. The main problem for me would have to be the weather. In Los Angeles we don’t really have the four seasons but our summer gets pretty hot and I can’t imagine living at Vegas through that summer heat. But I agree, everyone should go at least once in their life!
    Vegas is so full of life and energy. There is no way one can go to Vegas and not have a blast, unless they gamble all their money away. There is a lot to do other than gambling, I for one have never gambled. It’s a perfect place to go drinking and partying without having to worry about driving because everything is at walking distance. After a crazy night you can wake up and go to the spa or have a drink by the pool. It’s definitely one of my favorite mini-vacation spots!

  5. I love Las Vegas! I try to go at least once a year. I was just there about two weeks ago. I usually stay on the strip but this time i stayed at my friends aunts house. It was still a great time but not my usual crazy Vegas trip. It was more calm and i got to do a lot of the things the locals do. I am not a gambler so i have never played anything in Vegas. I go for the clubs, drinks, night life and to see all the crazy people on the strip:)

    Like you said, i would also not like to live out there. I would get tiered of the scene there. My friends family said that you get used to it but i would rather not. I do not think my poor liver could handle all that hahaha. They also have several cool shows to see and some of the casinos and hotels are decorated so beautifully. I also would recommend people to go at least once. There is something or everyone in Las Vegas.

  6. The first time I actually went to Vegas was right after my 21st birthday. I guess there wasn’t much of a point going before that anyways, but I had a lot of fun. It was a huge place of opportunity and, what I guess you can call “adult fun”. I believe the pictures you put up are of the Bellagio. I remember the fountain show when I was there.

    I also agree with you about having to live there. Something is always fun if you don’t do it quite as often. Living there would definitely drain the fun out of it pretty soon. Also, we think it’s hot here in the valley, it is worse there! I think it’s a great place to escape and have a good time with friends, but living there is somewhat of a different story.

  7. Love Las Vegas, but yeah living there is like telling to yourself get ready for not to sleep. I actually gone there 3 times. First time, I was 16 year olds, I got kicked out from the most of the places because I did not meet the age policy which I actually do not know if it is 18 or 21 to be in a casino. Second time I went, I was 18, I enjoyed because I did not sleep during the night because I was meeting every single space of Las Vegas. My third time, I do not even remember, all I remember was the hot climate.

    There is no necessary to go to Las Vegas to gamble. The last time that I gambled was like 2 years ago. It was my first time gambling. I hit the 7s a lot of times, but since I was only playing one dollar at a time I did not win. Therefore, I started playing with two dollars and I hit the 7s and got $500. I stopped playing and went back to the hotel like for 2 hours. After 2 hours, I went back to the casino. I lost the $500 . My saying to those who win, run and leave when you win.

  8. When I was 19, I went to Vegas for the first time. As an underage I had to look for things to do different than going to clubs, pool parties, and drinking! So, here is a small list of things to do if you are less than 21 and/ or are going with your family and kids:
    – Bellagio Fountains
    – Cirque du Solei
    – Breakfast Buffet at the Wynn
    – New York-New York Roller Coaster
    – Downtown (the old part of Las Vegas)

  9. Las Vegas is the ultimate place to have fun! I love everything about it, especially playing poker. I like the energy, the crowd and all the entertainment; Not to mention some of the best buffets. However I do agree it is not a place to live, because too many bad things are happening over there. For example people go over there to have fun for couple of days and do as they please. Now it would not be an ideal place to raise a family and e all know why…

    Everything aside, in my opinion people who lives in Los Angeles are lucky to be living so close and they should try to visit Las Vegas at least once a year. Especially if accompanied by a fun group, the level of costs can go down and the level of fun will rise.

  10. You know, I agree! I wouldn’t want to live in Las Vegas. There is something about this city that bring an unpleasent vibe when you stay there for longer then expected. Seeing older folks sitting every day at the slot mashines like their edicted to it is probably the most sad thing for me. You right, it’s only good to visit. I guess, the city where everything is sold and bought doesn’t appeal to me as much. Everytime I go there, come back drained.

    I think to trully enjoy the perks of Vegas, you got to be a high roller. Those with high stakes get THE treatment that regular people don’t see. The things that go behind the curtain have no limits and I think that’s why Vegas is the place. Average person is drawn by the glamorouse Vegas but will not see its true colors because this city only recognizes the size of your wallet and nothing less.

  11. I agree about living there. I lived there for a year in 2009 and hated it. My dad was sick and I went there to be closer. Granted my experience was tainted by the economy tanking at that time. But it can get depressing seeing how many people move there and flush their life down the drain. When my dad died, I moved back to CA as fast as I could. It is very hot and when it rains it can be dangerous depending on where you are. Ironically, I would like to retire there. But at this point in my life, I have fun there when I visit my mom three or four times a year.

  12. I love the famous quote of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The city is a place that many people visit to have lots of fun. There are tons of activities to do over there. Gambling is really common. I do hate how it is always crowded though.

    I do agree that living there would not be ideal. I hate how the whether is so hot there. I remember one time i was there and it was hot even during the night time. I found this to be really weird since this is the first place i been to that had conditions like this. It’s a city that never sleeps and i hope to one day visit it again with some friends.

  13. You know, I have mixed feeling about Las Vegas as well. First time I went there I was absolutely amazed by the city, especially by the Las Vegas strip. Today I am not so excited any more. I noticed, that I become tired of it very quick: it is noisy, all in cigarette smoke, and a lot of other crap. I guess I like other type of recreation now.

    But I really liked my last visit. I jumped from the top of the Stratosphere Hotel. This jump is one of the highest bungee jump in the world. It is even in Guinness book. That was a lot of fun.

  14. I have been living in Los Angeles, California for the last 10 years, and only in 2010 have I pushed myself to visit my neighboring state of Nevada. I really wanted to visit Las Vegas, just so I could say that I have been there. However I quickly learned that Vegas is a terrible place to live in. Located in the middle of a very hot and dry desert, one can hardly agree with the unbearable environment there. As soon as we got there, my nose and eyes became very dry and itchy, plus I developed difficulty breathing from the hot air. I think most of all I enjoyed spending time with my parents throughout our stay in Vegas for the three days that seemed to drag on forever.
    Casinos are a different story. I really dislike being in overcrowded places often and for long periods of time. In addition to the permanent smell of nicotine and alcohol, I do not like the loud noises of slot machines and gambling. I actually find the whole Casino scene to be really annoying and sad because people do nothing but loose money. However, I can admit that Las Vegas has many nice architectural constructs and interesting buildings, intricate décor and most amazing hotels. I did like Asian buffets and shopping centers in Las Vegas. We also took a whole lot of pictures there. Good memories.

  15. I went to Las Vegas once and I think i will never go there again. Aside from good shows, I had hard time enjoying this city. Everything seemed so superficial and simply fake.
    The city is called Sin City for a reason because people can do anything there. I dont understand the necessity to have a drink while in the elevator or smoke anywhere.i think there should be some limitations

  16. I have been to Vegas serval times as a child (my parents got married there 14 years ago) so I have seen all of the touristy things that the city has to offer. I have been to the top of the stratosphere, ridden the rides at New York New York, seen the museums, and been to many shows. However, I recently went for my 21st birthday, and it was such a different experience from all of the other times I had been there. It was so neat to be able to actually play the machines and gamble, instead of just being allowed to walk through and look at them. I highly recommend everyone go at least once in their life just to see what it’s all about. I’m sure it’s not the place for everyone, and many people may not want to go back, but its somewhere you should see and experience at least one time!

  17. I agree, Las Vegas seems like a nice vacation place but people must suffer from the hot weather. In the winter, it’s probably freezing. I was watching that the Las Vegas area was undertaking a project to help with the flooding.
    Las Vegas is ideal for gambling. The Hotels are nice and they treat people exceptionally well. They did a great job establishing the city.

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