Wellness Program at Work

Last year at our last Quarterly Management meeting the President of the company told us that part of our evaluation will be participating in events that are part of a Wellness program. He brought this on to promote a healthy living for all the employees in the company. I think it is amazing to work for a company that feels strongly to bring things to the workplace that promote being healthy.

We now have at the cafeteria a wellness menu that you can chose items that are healthy for and will be cheaper for you to buy. We also have timeframes that we can go to for fitness sessions 2 days out of the week. We even have mediation seminar and yoga that we could sign up for that run for a couple of weeks. We even have weight watchers at work that we can join we have to attend 13 meetings and if we miss more than 2 we do not get our money back for joining the program. These are really nice incentives. I liked it so much I joined the Wellness council to help find new ways that we can promote healthy living styles and practices for the employees. I can’t wait to go to the first meeting session to see what the company has in store for us and is willing to try.


3 comments on “Wellness Program at Work

  1. I think it is great that they have added a wellness program at your workplace. People should really take advantage pf the opportunities given at your. Whether people want to lose weight or learn how to become healthy. It has become more common for a workplace to incorporate programs like these because if they promote healthier lifestyles companies can probably save themselves money on health insurance.

    You should definitely take advantage of this program. It would be great if most of these amenities were free. If I had a program like this at work I would definitely take advantage of it.

  2. That is so great to hear about yur company. It would be great to see this implemented in more places of employment. I think it important for us to have more healthy choices than burgers and fries. In my Disney days your best bet was making a salad from the salad bar in cast cafeteria, which I oversaw, though was costly since it was priced by weight, and discouraged many from buying or ensued some disagreements.

    I wish this could be something made important in our kids schools. With budget cuts physical education is slowly disappearing. Healthy food is slowly trickling in, but many kids are discouraged by the not so great selections. I am on the PTA board and we have tried to get yoga for the kids, but with all the school politics its not looking that we will get to go forward. All we can do as parents is set the example of buying healthy food for home and keeping them active. Its good to workplaces finding it important too.

  3. It is pleasing to work for a company that offers and assists you in your health, not many employers take their employees health to consideration. The only time an employer takes someones health into consideration usually is when an applicant is applying for certain positions that require you to be healthy. Those who have certain health issues and disabilities have a higher probability of not getting hired. Employers don’t want to take higher risk for applicants who have health issues because they know the applicants availability and labor efficiency will not benefit the company.

    I find it beneficial that the company you work for offers you all these health/fitness programs for your own personal use and that they motivate you to get involved. The majority of people need motivation and have someone pushing them to stay fit, exercise, and eat healthy. Let’s face it, we as individuals could not do it alone, we need something or someone inspiring and supporting us to keep exercising.

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